Sunday, December 11, 2016

visual companions, part 2 of 2

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        Back again, with several more views of my recently reassembled visual support companions in this sweet new home place. I ended last time with the B&W photo of the stairs at Wells Cathedral, in England, saying that this week I would show the placement of the piece as part of the stairwell where it now hangs. I call the next two photos "information images", i.e. not necessarily fine art, though any camera time for me is part of the whole effort.
going upstairs (I left the step ladder up for space awareness.)
headed downstairs

     Then, in what I am calling "the book room/guest room" are two artworks by friends. The poster is from an early exhibit John Flavell had here in Morehead.  The second, an oil painting by John Folinsbee (whom we called Jack), was a wedding present to my parents by the father of one of my mother's college roommates. He happens to be a well known member of a group of impressionist artists working in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania in the early and mid 1900s.

in the book room, on the west wall

view from the book room, looking west

Living art -- looking south through the fern I fuss over every summer so that it can last through the winter in time to go back outside.... The orginal plant was passed on to me when a neighbor moved, years ago, and it amazes me that I still have the pleasure of its loveliness -- and its memories of Ronnia and her family!

       Another friend -- this one an Appalachian icon -- is author and poet James Still, whom many of us revere and miss. I have had the photo of his house for a long time; the signed poem was a kindness from Clara Potter Keyes, who is also greatly missed. It is the first time I have had a place to hang the two pieces side by side:
James Still's poem: Those I Want in Heaven with Me / Should There be Such a Place

a shelf of journals, mostly spiral bound, my sanity self....

a beautiful Vietnamese present to my mother from Tuyet, a long time extended family member

      I will probably be the only one who finds this last photo beautiful! These are EMPTY boxes, some of them having been filled more than once as the transfer from "the farm" to "the Gallery" continues.  (By Christmas the box part of moving will be completely OVER and DONE.) Anybody need some boxes??? Lovely as they are, their potential as scupture is, I suspect, fairly limited. However, if I continue to leave them in my Gallery section, maybe they will take on a life of their own.... (Just kidding!!)
        Again, I hope everyone has a few visual companions which can add a precious and grounding dimension to daily life. I am grateful for a warm, dry place to live, but also I am honored by what is on my walls and by what I see through my windows.


  1. Love love love the second hand fern! Love the view out the guest window. And love the "my sanity self" shelf.

  2. Thi sis wonderful to see. All of the photos. Though i do wonder how you got the National Archery In The Schools Program box.