Sunday, January 8, 2017

favorite photos, 2016, part 3 of 3

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       Cold weather -- time for warm memories and final favorite photo moments from 2016:

  I am doing pairs of photos today.  I so often want to tell a story through what I see.
my neighbor's house, across the road, near the mailbox

Clyde's apple orchard and garden, from the curve along Hogtown Ridge
     Two sets of paired photos from September's 4H event in Sandy Hook:

Jayla won the grand prize later, but I chose this earlier photo because it shows her in action.

I don't personally know this young girl, but this is my favorite photo from that afternoon.

Again, congratulations to all the hard working students taking part in 4H!!

 These two photos are from my two days in London, where I met up with a close friend from Norway after spending some time with my step-mother in Chipping Campden. We had walked under the ferris wheel before crossing the River Thames headed toward the famous clock tower, Big Ben, on the parliament building. The English sky makes these photos work for me! Love that light!

The next two photos pay hommage to the wonderful woodstove that had been left in our house when we bought our land 45 years ago. Such a wonderful companion in any kind of cold weather!  I made these photos last winter but the stove is in use today, for sure.

       I can't stop myself from ending with a few brief words about our future as the clamor for PROFIT NOW gets louder, while the call for taking care of our one and only earth for our children's children gets drowned out.  Clean water, clean air, and healthy forests are clearly threatened by a pervasive lack of backbone. (I definitely don't get it how anyone can deny the reality of our part in the warming of the world.)  Saying coal jobs can come back is like that fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes."  Read it and weep. At the least, in the face of double think, take time to figure out what might be true even though it is outside some random comfort zone.
       I am grateful for Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (  They are not backing down from advocating Clean Power and a healthier and more economically sound future for our state. I congratulate them, too, for reaching their 2016 fundraising goal of $500,000! Let's take time to celebrate how far hard work has brought us even though the job is far from finished.


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  1. East KY Power has 60 acres set aside, near Winchester KY, to install solar energy panels because customers have asked for the service! Hoot! Hoot!

    Personally, I like all the photos but the slant on the first ferris wheel is awesome! And Clyde's Apple Orchard--very nice.