Sunday, March 12, 2017

more waterfall photos, due to my amazement at being there two days in a row

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       Daylight savings last night, blizzard warnings in the northeast for early this week, wild fires, floods, polar bears without enough snow and ice.... and we are not willing to take responsibility for our part in anything to do with the weather? It shocks me every day that it seems too many Republicans have to deny even the possibility that we are contributing to the warming of the earth. It's like a club membership requirement? Check brain at the door? Science works only when it fits what we'd want to hear? Clean water happens without effort to ensure such a thing?  Our newest cabinet secretary, Scott Pruitt, says, (out loud!), that there is considerable disagreement among scientists...." And I ask since when has 2% meant "considerable!" And what about common sense.
       Well, actually, we do know for sure that daylight savings has nothing to do with climate change, at least not in clearly measurable ways. (Do we use less electricity over the summer than we would if we didn't put the clocks ahead an hour? or are we using more? Thank goodness there's "spring forward" and "fall backwards", or I'd have to figure out twice a year which way the clocks should go. That is a joke, BTW, but only sort of....) 
        In the meantime, I continue to be completely thrilled that I had two such good days down at our waterfalls with my camera, and I'm happy there are still these additional photos to share. Next weekend I will be traveling, so there will be some very different photos soon.

to the left of the big waterfall -- candles on a cupcake?

It's harder to get a good photo of this place than it would seem.  Sometimes in February there's a huge icicle hanging from above, and a huge pile of ice at the bottom, reaching for each other. Only once have I seen the up and the down touching each other in the middle.

to the right of the big waterfall

Here I was trying to see what the waterfall sees. This attempt on my part didn't produce a great photo, which is why I'm sharing what my thinking was at the time. Pure curiosity.

Photographer friend Lucy says this is a rock covered with club moss. It's located near the base of the big waterfall. Thanks, Lucy, for refreshing my memory for its name.
near the second waterfall

local color -- in late February!

This photo is one I have always imagined doing better than I did years ago with a slide. I am standing somewhat precariously at the top of the second waterfall. Rebecca is nearby keeping an eye on me. I am thrilled to have captured what I feel is part of the uniqueness of this time and this treasured place.

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  1. Club moss looks like tiny ferns trying to unfurl, a little, to me. Safe travels. xo