Sunday, March 19, 2017

an "on going" experiment

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        3/19: There's no better time for trying something new than when there's no time to do what is usually done! Today I am leaving on a trip, and I haven't finished packing. Instead I just took some photos of my teenage neighbor Natalie with her goats for my photo class project. In the cold! This was the only time our schedules could work it out. 
       So, for the first time, I am going to use this one post to do a travel log for the week. I'm really excited to try this. I will eventually be in a different time zone; that means I will post when I can, and we will see what develops. I thank all the folks who visit this blog, and I will be back, right here, soon.  Bon voyage! 

       3/20: Greetings from ..... England!  Since this is where my stepmother lives, I've posted from here before over these last 6 blogging years. This time the visit is in March -- early spring here --  and my daughter and granddaughter came, too! 

....keeping the luggage "attended" while her mom parks the car, before we checked in at the Lexington airport. Doesn't the headline on the newspaper tell where we are??!!  in basketball land??!!

We're up and away! Our seats are in FRONT of the wings, so the air is clear. Lexington spreads out below. The plane is FULL .... meaning we are packed like sardines in a can.

I've always been fascinated by this water display in the Detroit Airport -- where we had two hours to run around and explore. Just your normal Sunday afternoon.....

        After our 7 hour flight to London, where we had plenty of room since the plane was half empty, we had a long line going through passport control. Then there's our two hour drive before finally arriving in Chipping Campden, in the Cotswolds. When we arrived, the day had barely started for everyone else! Kind of rainy today, gray skies, but signs of spring are in the hedges and daffodils are everywhere. Not to be forgotten -- all the lambs in the fields.

       Next: three views from the windows of the Airbnb where my daugher and granddaughter are staying since my stepmother lives in a small apartment. This place is beautiful, both the location (nearby Hidcote Boyce) and the accomodations!

This shows the road through this hamlet.
 The last three photos are along the street in Chipping Campden where the apartment is:

 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .
AND SO IT IS!  3/22

Around town on Tuesday (5), out in the rain and visiting Snowshill Manor today (5), all while  having some interesting times!  Tomorrow will be R's time to take a turn at this posting thing.

a hedgehog on exhibit at the local library

next door to the library

newest shop, nearby

dedicated driver, back on Sheep Street

The English put flowers anywhere and everywhere. So amazing. So lovely.
Then today we went to the nearby hamlet of Snowshill, where a gentleman named Charles Wade found a home to hold his unusual personal collection of well made items, each with a story to go with them. Too hard to describe in a few words, but lots of fascinating and fun objects to see on a rainy day. 

photo by Rebecca Wright
 More tomorrow!
Greetings! My mother invited me (her daughter Rebecca) to share a few photos on her day-to-day blog this week. We are spending the week together visiting my grandmother (4 generations of women in the same place! Watch out world!) It's a joy to be here, surrounded by rolling green hills, the baa's of baby lambs, changing skies, and incredible flora. 
cruising  down a country road

listening to the bleats of babies and mamas

in the living room of a friend's house - so many fascinating objects!

at the public playground - a wild tunnel, with a wild child
Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this blog with me today, 3/23/17! I am honored, or, as they spell in England, honoured!

.    .     .     .     .     .     .

        Saturday, March 25, 2017 -- last part of this post! I am going to have to make these posts count for both this past week and this coming week since we will be traveling tomorrow. Thanks for coming along on this trip!  
         Today is finally fully sun and almost warm.  Yesterday we went to the famed Hidcote Gardens, very nearby. I'm sorry not to have had time to take many photos there and/or post them here. My suggestion to anyone is to visit this remarkable garden if ever there's a chance to do so.

   Two giant magnolias were stealing the show:
the first one we saw

the second one

Thea was our map keeper -- 30 sections to discover!

the view from the "bottom" of Hidcote Garden, following a lone walker across the fields

Stopping on a country road, looking at the manor house, then the view of the road one way and then the other:

oh those freestanding trees

and those freestanding sweetie pies, in front of tempting cakes

Looking forward to being back on this post April 2, no fooling....


  1. My favorites this time all have T in them: T guarding the bags; T in red looking out the gate at sheep; and T standing in front of the typewriter and what looks to be threads! Enjoy your travels! xo