Sunday, May 14, 2017

recent photos, mother's day, and a birthday

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        Sunday hello, sun here today, for mothering moments and other such sundries!

       I know that this day celebrates them that raise us, as they say, and it gives me a good excuse to feature some recent photos of my granddaughter, Thea, and her mom, my daughter Rebecca, now living nearby!

some photo shooting along our path, with the dogs -- the black one older, the other a puppy

a birthday moment, with other kids and their parents

         Then, starting home from town very recently, with my camera in the car, I realized there was some amazing evening light going on. I hadn't planned to make photos on my way home, but how could a photographer resist this confluence of that light on sky, trees, and water!  I'm including a few of the photos I took at the same time as this first one in order to share how it all came about.
The Photo

I had pulled over in front of a retail building, and the road home is on the left.

Here I'm getting closer to what I want in my photo.
I made this photo as a record of where I was and how the storm sky looked just before I got back on the road to continue home -- after those magic moments.

       In fact, we've had lots of rain here recently. I made these next photos in a favorite spot along the ridge where I live
       I'm sure there are some beloved moms buried in this Cox family cemetery. I don't want to say anything Hallmark-y, but I know we each have our own particular feelings on Mother's day -- and every day -- and I love hearing these individual stories. May I suggest that we honor the day by telling someone our stories or by asking to listen to a story.

    Remember - share stories!


  1. I love the picture of Thea and Rebecca. that is so wonderful especially the expression on Thea's face. Where is the place with the water and the reflection of the trees?

    1. Steve - right outside Morehead, headed east on Route 32, otherwise known as Christy Creek

  2. So beautiful! Thank you.

    (This is GE on Steve's computer.)

  3. It comes to me that the photo of the trees and water is maybe the photo of two trees you mentioned in your email. I really do like it.

  4. Isn't it a wonderful gift to watch our daughters and sons mothering their own little ones!