Sunday, May 21, 2017

showing support for ART in our lives

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     These photos (and others like it) got my attention recently on a bulletin board at Morehead State University.  I immediately asked to share some of them on my blog. I don't think we can speak up enough for the value of art in our schools and in our lives. I'm both baffled and distressed that we even have to have this conversation! What is it that too many of our elected officials don't get!!?? 



beloved art prof Joe Sartor in his studio in the Rowan County Arts Center



        These photos were taken in northeastern Kentucky, in Morehead and Grayson. Thank you, Daniel Edie, for your work on this project and for making these photos available to me.   
        All of us are fortunate to have all these folks recognizing how important the arts can be and how needed they are. And how enjoyable at the same time!  Thank an artist today! Support art by buying a poet's book or a work of art.  Explore being an artist yourself! Practice thinking and feeling outside the box!

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