Sunday, May 6, 2018

Always the right time for a few more flowers...

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      There's also no better time to see if my laptop is feeling more energetic than it was a week ago for transferring photos I have to my blog post....
      Today is beautiful, after a lot of rain yesterday. However, I don't think we received as much rain as fell on Louisville, Kentucky, home of the annual Kentucky Derby. It seems they have never had a soggier time for this Big Moment, without fail on the first Saturday in May.  I haven't yet talked to photographer friends of mine who were there to make photos. I hope they and their cameras survived -- with a sense of humor -- intact.
       OK, today, what can I say, more flowers are coming your way:

Milkweed in late spring, with what is not a Monarch Butterfly.... Perhaps a Painted Lady?

These aromatic beauties have lots of names, many containing the word Lily, such as Resurrection Lily. However they are sometimes known as simply "naked ladies"

This is joe pye weed, in the wild, near where I live. 

And this is also joe pye weed, as part of an English country garden.  So what does "weed" mean??

spring beauties, early emergers, so to speak

A redbud tree celebrates spring by producing these lovely pink/purple flowers directly from its trunk or branches.

Eventually this flowering produces an intense marvel signally the start of spring's showy season.
This is one of many photos of Lady's Slippers -- I will need to do an entire post sometime about them.  I grew up in Stamford, Connecticut and lived on Lady Slipper Lane, which was off Mayapple Road.  I never knew that a mayapple was a flower until I moved to Kentucky!  The area was pretty rural way back then, but it is now a woodsy subdivision.  Luckily I grew up across from a large swamp which gave us endless thrills as kids. It seems to have been a protected wetland because it remains a swamp even now.

pond side weeds, catching some leaf time

daisies sharing the sun

plus a daisy solitaire

I believe this is a hibiscus bush, in my friend Jean's yard. I include it because I love the way this photo shows the gathering of family and friends for the annual horse ride to honor Garry Purnell, beginning and ending where he had lived. The tribute t-shirts are the same color as these flowers. I don't use a tripod during such occasions. I simply appreciate sharing the day with everyone -- except I don't ride a horse.

I guess this is plenty of flower photos for now. I hope there's time soon for everyone to go out and look around.  We still have dogwoods in bloom, for one thing. Happy spring seeing to all.

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  1. It's Spring and I really like the redbud blooms coming right out of the wood.