Sunday, August 19, 2018

cousins, offspring of three brothers

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        Greetings from the mid coast of the state of Maine!  I am having a wonderful time with my two Wilkerson sisters, 5 cousins, some spouses and a few members of the next generation down.  This gathering happens bi-annually. I am not always able to go so I am glad to be here this year!  We're are not as numerous as some families I know in Appalachia, but we are loyal! Note: currently we mostly live in different states: Rhode Island, Connecticut (2), Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and, me in Kentucky.
          I love the laughter and the stories and, of course, our joint memories.
         The light for photo making here has not been fantastic, so combined with all the food preparation and consumption here at my Maine cousin's home and the many conversations catching up with each other, this is not a weekend primarily about photo making. Even so, I hope the few on this post today are interesting.  (I may well keep some others for my next post -- which will be in two weeks. After that I do plan to return to weekly posts on this blog.)

the view from the house

Stella retrieves the ball, from hillside to deck, again and again.

Saturday night and ready for lobsters!

My cousins Sarah and Claudia are both artists!

taking a break from dinner prep -- my sister Robin and her husband Steve

what my camera finds

     Two sides of the table, even though I protested that it wouldn't be great photography. However, it does give a flavor of the moment, so to speak:

Tomorrow I go back home, so I share this amazing moment from last week in my neighborhood in Kentucky:

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