Monday, October 25, 2010

going back to that redbud photo

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      I have been meaning to tell more about the photo in blog #1, "redbud screen" -- why did I take that photo in that place at that time, when most days when I pass there it looks beautiful but in a usual way.  In case I ever wanted to share what that place looks like on an ordinary day with my ordinary eyes, I decided I'd stop sometime and take a follow-up photo to show what image I'd have had if I had stopped looking that first day before using what I call my curious eyes.   

     To start I have to confess two things.  First, that I find it hard to take a good picture of redbuds.  They are stunning early spring signs of hope, pink blooms appearing directly on each smooth gray branch, but they can mimic clutter even when I aim to portray their uniqueness.  I keep searching for some way to see them that expresses my feeling for them.  Second, that I had taken a photo of this house before and shared the photo with the family who lives there. I felt sure they wouldn't mind me and my camera on their place again.  

    While on the way back from town one April day, I happened to notice a small patch of pink out of the corner of my eye.  I pulled over to the side of the road, got out of my car, walked down to those common but gorgeous redbuds -- on a small tree, disguising itself as a bush. At first, I took what is shown here. Then I went even closer, and got "redbud screen".  That evening, thanks to digital, I could see I had a photo I loved.  So, when two or three days later I passed by there again, I decided it was time to take the photo shown below.  The buds were already being taken over by leaves.  One can never have too many reminders about how quickly some things change in the natural world.   And how getting closer can work magic.

Travel with camera.   
Shoot now.  
Don't wait.  
Get close.  
Be curious.  
Be grateful.  


  1. great redbud...(comment test)

  2. Ann,

    I happend to stumble across this site and I recognized a familiar name, I miss seeing the beauty of Mauk Ridge keep up the good work!!