Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome loyal friends, coast to coast family, and unsuspecting fans!

post #1!!
      Today I join the millions who blog.  However, believe it or not, I am really excited to do so. My plan and my hope is to share my photos, one by one, and also to give vent to my inner sassy. This effort is designed to happen but once a week, let's say every Monday.  This will at least be a way to let people know I am alive and well, since I am tardy correspondent.  With a photo or two, a paragraph or two, I can send out signs of life from this hollow in the eastern Kentucky hills. It's going to take me a while this way to create a sense of my place, but today's photo does show a lot. I call it "redbud screen." Taken this spring in the 'hood, the image celebrates a beginning, which this blog definitely is for me.

      Inquiring minds might want to know: I have a new workplace/gallery on a nearby side road called Sideway, thus the name of this blog. So here's to one post down, another next week, and to very good journeys for you all -- Ann

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