Sunday, April 10, 2011

more April beauty

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      Just back from two nights at the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, driving several hours each way over some curvy roads with redbuds in bloom, dogwoods starting, and numerous scars on the mountainsides.   The city of Harlan was hit by a damaging thunderstorm Saturday afternoon, but we just had a short period of rain.  
My favorite location there, sitting on a short foot bridge -- the sound of water, so many wildflowers

Since several of you liked the photos last week from our woods, I decided for this post to share some wildflower and forest photos from "southern Kentucky."   Enjoy!

the forest canopy in that stream area
       This photo is imperfect, but I am showing it because it goes with the next image, taken 24 hours later.  I was stunned to see so much change.  And awed.  I took the second photo to make a record of the violet's growth and to show more of the location, near the stream.  These are, I believe, sweet yellow violets. 

      This location is behind the chapel at the Settlement School.  I have never seen such a variety of flowers out at the same time here.  However, it may happen every year or it could be that the damp cool weather has kept more kinds of flowers going and increased their overlap time.  Anyone have an insight on this?  
     The next two flowers I'm showing were located in this more open area. 

Bishop's cap, a.k.a. miterwort?

woodland phlox?

     This will be a blog in progress.  I've now looked up the names of these two flowers (Monday a.m.) because last night I also wanted to watch Upstairs, Downstairs on our public television station, KET!  I will post this as is for now -- corrections welcomed -- with thanks to wonders in this world, including a special April baby whenever she decides to arrive.

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