Sunday, April 3, 2011

spring in my Kentucky woods

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        A year ago I spent an afternoon in the April woods.  I had intended simply to take a walk  -- no tripod, the time of day not being optimum for photographing.  Yet, even without the wonderful even light of early morning or at dusk, when usually the winds are minimal, I had what I call a very good day. It helped that, by chance, there wasn't a lot of wind that day AND there was a lot to see.  I got away with some fine moments.  
      I never knew about the way the wind increases along with the rising sun until I became a photographer.  Watch the wind some early morning when, of course, there isn't a storm in progress. 

bluets, a.k.a. Quaker Ladies

rattlesnake-plantain, 1 of 2 photos
the seeds, which rattle....
along the stream, mostly violets

       In this last photo I tried an experiment, focusing from above on the plane that had the three blossoms, to bring attention to them.  I am not sure it works as well as I hoped it would.  These are, I believe, sweet white violets. 

          Note: We went to these same places this afternoon, and I took photos again, but this time, unexpectedly, my card acted up and I can't access the images!!  I already intended to return there in a few days, in hopes the trout lilies will be blooming by then and maybe some early trillium, so I will try again -- after the heavy rain expected tomorrow night and Tuesday.  I love the marvel that is spring in eastern Kentucky.


  1. Thanks for sharing your woods. Can see there is no end to the possibilities for images.