Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finishing last weekend's photos and some more signs of spring

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      First, I want to touch on those mountain scars I mentioned in post #29 and show what I passed while driving to and from Pine Mountain.  The cemetery with its nearby coal tipple is on a back route going north from Pine Mountain; I purposely obscured the name and dates on the coal miner's tombstone, since I am never clear if I first need to ask the family's permission to use the photo.  I am sorry the strong afternoon light makes the photos look more washed out than they should be.  I find these small family cemeteries to be one of the rich treasures of Appalachia.


I was asked not to come any closer to this major coal project, even though I tried out my innocent granny hobby photographer look for the guard on duty.  He was actually very polite and apologetic when he indicated there were just too many environmentalists....(a.k.a. troublemakers?)... and they have to be careful.  The next photo is to the right of this one.
A nearby sign tells this is the Arch Coal Blue Ridge Complex, and I think I was in Leslie County, on the drive  from Pikeville to Harlan
another coal mining view, in Perry or Leslie County     

Then, at home, signs of spring, such as this goldfinch slowly turning last week from winter gray to summer gold,

 while the blossoms on our ancient apple tree shine under the moon.  The miracle in part was that we could actually see the moon ~~  there has been so much rain! 

     Today, in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, I saw this lovely plant, and I was told it was an erect trillium, not fully in bloom.  I read that this type of trillium is not very common in the eastern part of Kentucky.  (As always, corrections are welcome!)  It was sunny and breezy where I was, so I am pleased that even so this photo is sharp despite the wind.  
     Since it seems I often have to leave some parts unfinished in my posts, it won't surprise anyone that I look forward to sharing more about today's excursion -- next week.

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  1. The goldfinch is turning to spring! Thank you for the views and the memories they bring ....