Sunday, June 5, 2011

new neighbors and new views of Appalachia

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     The finalists for the Re-Imaging Appalachia contest are decided, and posted on-line. (Go to See the Finalists.)  So, for this week's THIS IS APPALACHIA NOW photo, look for the one of mine that made their collection.   My only public comment about their results is that I wasn't the only one struggling with how to communicate the essence of a whole region in single images. 
     Next, here's to new colorful neighbors, who come in many varieties.
This photo is meant to set the scene.
        A week ago I happened to stop by my favorite neighborhood barnyard with my camera -- in case there was something interesting happening.  I had no idea some peacocks had moved in!  There is a ridge between our places, so I haven't been hearing them carry on.  I know they can be very loud.  My keen feminist reaction to recent news-catching examples of preening male behaviors leads me to share some of what might be going on any day in any local barn anywhere in America.  Or in any local luxury hotel. 

what she saw
Why isn't this what he wishes she'd see? Quite a lot of shaking going on!

a dispassionate observer, with his own ego issues
Of course, in the barnyard, this is what it's all about.

    Then there are the quieter neighbors who move right into our front steps.  I like to think this Fowler's toad is a descendent of the one that was in the same location in 1997 when I took the photo that ended up in the book I illustrated, Counting on the Woods. He didn't mind at all posing for me after Maleigh, age 8, noticed him there.  (Thanks, M., for the alert!)

       Note:  We are expecting some thunderstorms soon, so I am going to post this a bit early, in case we have to shut down our internet for the evening.  I hope to change this last paragraph eventually to say something insightful, and timely -- or even instructive -- though of course that may be setting the bar higher than it wants to go....  
     Part 2 of this note, on 6/20/11: I've decided to continue thinking about my reactions to gender behaviors currently in the news and deal with sharing my ideas when I can do it with more understanding.  So stay tuned for some future post.  Thanks!

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