Sunday, May 29, 2011

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        With this week's THIS IS APPALACHIA NOW photo, I give a shout out to Bradley, with his young chicken and their matching outfits.  I call this photo feathers and threads, with thanks to George Ella and our on-going brainstorming.  It is always inspiring to see Bradley's skills with any kind of creature.

      Then, to share a new favorite photo, here is one from my recent trip.  It was fun to get to meet one of my first cousins twice removed!  Such wonderful eyes.  Between her being one and one half years old and my having been driving most of the day, however, I was lucky to get this photo.  It happened very fast.

      I also want to share a long-term favorite, my photo of this cow.  It's important to point out that cows are harder to photograph than you might think, certainly than I ever thought they would be.  Like chickens, they move.  They don't situate themselves in just the right light.  And they certainly don't usually stand surrounded by blooming weeds!!  Take it when you can get it, I say.
      I call this photo black and white in color.  I took it with film, and I have scanned a print for use here and for my note cards.

     Note: this morning I took a walk in our woods, and the moss areas were richly green.  It made me remember how wonderful the slow Velvia slide film was with greens, and I do miss that.  I also remembered how I have wanted to encourage us all to make prints as we go along.  I am fortunate to have access to a person who makes great prints (thank you, Catherine!) while I keep planning to learn how to do it well myself.  In the meantime, technical stuff is always changing, and how horrible to lose access to special photos just because no one got around to making some prints for that shoebox or album.  (This includes allowing enough pixels on whatever card you use in your digital camera to print out a decent photo.)
    I know the folks in Joplin, MO are dealing with the loss of irreplaceable photos, so no system is perfect.  That tragic tornado experience should give us all incentives to think about how best to keep our treasured images for the long haul. 

today's treasure, in honor of the stages we humans also go through....

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