Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in Appalachia, but with many more English photos to share

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      I traveled home all day Friday, a long, long day.  However, not sleeping for that many hours almost makes it easier to adjust to the five hour time change.  It is wonderful to be able to make that shift near one's own bed!
      First, I do realize it is time to review how this blog works, for all you new readers, but since there are these English photos I want to include today to finish up my trip there I will just give the link here to the Sideway Views review (post #25).  I also recommend reading the very first post, way back in October 2010.  One way to go back to previous posts is to find the end of each section and then click on "older posts", found on the right at the end of the last post in that section.  Then scroll, scroll, scroll.  And enjoy. 

       OK, ENGLAND -- here are some more photos from where I have been, and again I will give the info in their captions.  The light over there is so amazing.  Hard to keep from reaching for the camera.  It is my privilege to have this tool to experience the place where I am more intensely and to connect with it.  This is a gift that art can offer.  

just your ordinary backyard garden....
passing by the green grocer's window, after the closing
going through a field of sheep

who seem to be used to hikers and photographers.....or so I hoped
same crooked steeple as in last week's post, but now the time is 9 p.m.

crossing over a stream, with flowers along the bank!
other evening walkers, who may or may not be from England (Surely green hair is universal.)
VISITING DON, a lifetime gardener

baby carrots to take with us!
Don actually picking a rose for me

which I kept in my room until the day I left.
the neighbor's fanciful entrance garden, well loved and enjoyed

This is my new definition of a morning SLUGFEST!
making like a Photoshop filter by looking through a bathroom window from the outside??!!

my very favorite garden bit of fun - hot diggity dog!
         If you feel you have also been on a bit of a trip, I am glad.  Thanks for staying to the end -- and happy foraging to you this week.

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