Sunday, July 10, 2011

hickory, chicory, and dock!

post #43
first -- near our roadside mailbox
     After many years of trying to get even one good photo of our roadside chicory, this year I am happy with three!  The challenge for me is the light -- the blue flowers only open during mid day, when the sun can wash out the color of anything.  Then there is the question of wind.  Well, recently we have had less wind than usual plus many days with clouds.  Yea!  Could it be that flowers can be fooled?
      By now I make photos of this plant as a challenge to self and not just because I love its blue and brightness.  I'm showing these three photos in chronological order.  
second -- This pair, with some dock, was mowed down an hour later by the road crew.

third -- the beautiful weed that chicory is

    Thank goodness that the annual seasons give us a second chance, or a third, fourth, what ever! 

Later on Sunday, part two:  At 3 pm I pushed the Publish Button by mistake and learned that I didn't know how to unpublish something!  This post hadn't been truly finished.  A kind of Twitter moment perhaps?  I now have a plan for the next time I do that, which I surely will.
     One thing I had intended to add is a link to an article the Lexington paper ran soon after my post #41 -- from the LA Times -- about teen substance abuse

    And I had a few  more photos to share:  Tammy, this one is for you -- with thanks for your call about Kyle.
    The next two photos are from a recent visit with family, including the granddaughter who is 2 1/2. (If I knew how to put these photos side by side, I would do so....) 
   May we all have such smooth sliding in our lives this week!  

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