Sunday, July 24, 2011

finding a way while away, in England

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       I have been in England just a few days, but I've loved being able to take some photos to follow-up on the ones I posted last week.  No rain here after all -- probably because I brought a raincoat -- but cool temps continue.  Since it feels like dawn comes in the middle of the night -- though it is only at 4 a.m. -- most of these photos are taken in the evening or when it is cloudy in order to get better light for them.   
      First, however, here's a photo I meant to include last week -- a friend's "grand-dog" with a PHEASANT toy:

           Now, some more photos, each with a brief comment or two, from this current visit:
this morning, blue sky (!) at 8 a.m. when the store opens to sell many, many Sunday newspapers
near the steeple, steps that have been well used forever

evening light, on particularly amazing hanging baskets

a walk up to Dover's Hill with my sister, with us both looking back on the town
on the top of a hill covered with sheep and evidence of sheep....

side by side

back to back

the back of the house, from the garden

in the garden, hydrangea sargentia
golden showers rose

red in the garden, tonight's glory -- it even smells beautiful as well

      The truth is that even though it is great to be in this place and to see new things to photograph, I am aware that it is not home and not where my heart or my work is.  There is such a difference between taking photos of a place that is beautiful but not intimately known, and a well worn place where there are strong emotional connections.  Maybe that is how it works in any relationship -- the known providing both the perfect and the disappointing, and the new being glorious but way less grounding and satisfying.  
      So, for now, how about my suggesting that we just give ourselves over to where we find ourselves this day and make art whenever and wherever we can!  The world's injuries require nothing less.

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  1. The picture of your sister is wonderful.