Sunday, February 5, 2012

more 2011 favorites, some with stories, part 2 of 3

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      It has been a good idea for me to look through the 2011 images with the idea of sharing some of those which have brought me pleasure.  Last week's post was portraits (broadly defined) and this week's is growth and change.  Things change in nature all the time.  Sometimes very quickly.  The art is in catching it with light.  Some of these photos have stories that go with them, so today I am showing the image first, to be enjoyed without any words, and then adding some words of my own if I can't resist doing so.  Many of these images have been shown in earlier posts.

     I saw these plants in the Denver Botanical Gardens, in June, and, besides beauty, what I saw was  change, with the stages of growth in plain, dramatic view.  

      The lady's slipper, a few days later, farther on the way to glory.

      These stairs tell about both growth and change, new blooms every year for a house that once was there.

      Lettuce grown by my husband, the gardener in the family, delicious and beautiful, not yet bitter or gone to seed.  I am thankful for the fruits of this work.

      An old-fashioned horse drawn hay rake, ready to be recycled, a treasure without a home to go to, for now sharing spokes with the black-eyed susans.

      With the rain ceasing, the grandson escorting, all of us taking part in this passing during the two miles to the family cemetery, we honor Dempsey on his funeral day.

       Stories.  Deep in the woods, near a creek, this chimney remains from a family who once lived there, by all accounts a tenant farmer.  Every year the signs of daffodils tell as well of their having been there.  I make a photo when I can, knowing this monument will not be there forever.  
      This is what I strive for, some combination of art and witness. 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Ann. These images do indeed capture art and witness.I especially like the scene from Dempsey's funeral day - so poignant.

  2. Thanks again Ann for your favorites for 2011. I agree with Betty the photo from Dad's funeral always takes my breath away. Thank you