Sunday, February 12, 2012

2011 faves, part 3 of 3

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       Now that we have actually had some snow and a below freezing DAY, it is time to finish up with the 2011 photo favorites!  On Valentine's Day, this Tuesday, I plan to take photos again during the rally and march around the Kentucky Capitol building in Frankfort, for the annual I LOVE MOUNTAINS Day.   The reasons for ending the destruction from MTR becomes clearer every year.  Yet the STREAM SAVER BILL (HB231) never even makes it out of its committee.  At the very least, it deserves a hearing.  Why do our elected officials feel called to be so cowardly and short-sighted??!! 

     A few months ago, a friend on the ridge told me about the expression "Groundhogs boiling coffee."  I love it!  Eventually I talked with several other neighbors who also knew that saying.   So, in honor of our treasured Appalachian mountains, I begin with three photos of various times groundhogs have been boiling their coffee in 2011.   (Remember that clicking on a photo will bring up a larger sized version.)

groundhogs boiling coffee!

across the way from where we live

They must have been expecting a big crowd in Laurel Gorge!

This favorite photo still brings me joy.  I loved being under the late afternoon light streaking through such bright leaves.

I pass by this hillside year after year, yet it remains continually fascinating to me,

as does this corner of Jean and Gary's fields, this day complete with wild turkeys.

These woods are in Harlan County, KY, where there are steeper mountains and more coal to covet.

I don't want to leave out these majestic redwoods, which might not still be standing had they not been protected.  I am so glad to have visited them a year ago with my sister and her husband, who live in northern California.

      One final favorite photo, of a feathered friend here who joins me in saying thanks so much for visiting this blog: 

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