Sunday, January 29, 2012

reflections on a windy Sunday

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      Here I am, thinking again.  Wondering.  Decided to seek out some of my favorite photos from 2011 to see whether they move me.  And, if so, why.  Recently I've been reading about Grey Villet, whose photos about Mildred and Richard Loving -- whose case before the Supreme Court in 1966 struck down the law banning interracial marriage -- move me.  I want to go all the way to New York City to see them at the International Center for Photography (ICP).  I have until May 20 to figure out how to do so. 
      I am also wondering about whether I have some visible theme in the images of mine I really like.  So today's post is a start on sharing some of the 2011 photos I feel particularly connected to, starting with portraits, defined very broadly.... 

         .....such as the hound who watched the sorghum making, in September:

First, two photos from February 14, 2011, I Love Mountains day in Frankfort, Kentucky:

one of my favorite 2011 photos!  I hope I will see these guys again this year so I can get their names and give them a copy of this photo.

Wendell Berry, who had spent the past several days as part of a group in the governor's office, in protest.  Wendell, please forgive me, but this happens to be a very good photo....

In January, my sister Haven and her husband Robert took me to a redwood forest.  Wow!  Great red hat, Haven.

family friends welcoming my daughter's upcoming "big" event...It took 4 photo tries to get everyone with all eyes open, with grins and hands in place!  I thank each of you!

Not every 9 year old boy likes to have his photo taken, and Malick is no exception.  So I am honored to have gotten this photo.

England in July: a native
My sister in England: our visits overlapped!!

     The following is a photo that may look planned, but in reality it was pure serendipity.  I was in the basement of our son's home, making a photo of the framed hands (by John Flavell) which said son had purchased and moved to Denver, so I wanted John to be able to see where it was hanging.  My granddaughter showed up, sat down and started playing with the keys -- wearing straps crossing her back!  She is 2 1/2 in this photo, and she knows where the high notes are, and the low notes, and she can also push the right buttons to hear the songs the piano plays; then she listens intently.  Can anyone hear the music?

In May, holding on to mom, who is my first cousin once removed....

   The last photo for today is from 2010, but what better occasion to include it than when I am reviewing my favorite portraits.  This is definitely one of them.  Holding her guitar is a happiness for her, and being outside, sitting on my car, after giving a writing workshop at Natural Bridge State Park, is also a happiness.  Thanks, George Ella, for the happiness of our friendship, even when I am taking your photo! 

George Ella Lyon
      Next week, more favorites. I hope everyone else can do something this week they love doing, no matter how large or small it is.

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  1. Ann,I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of your favorite 2011 photos. I like the idea of culling the many down to a few favorites. Thanks much for sharing.