Sunday, April 1, 2012

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     It is only the first of April, but it feels like a lot of spring beauty has already happened.  Various lilac bushes are in bloom, dogwoods are starting in the woods though they are already out in town, and this is another Sunday with possible thunderstorms, which necessitates disconnecting from the internet.  Had this been the spring that I was supposed to photo-illustrate Counting on the Woods, I would have been in deep trouble.  I didn't really know how to use my camera and tripod well until April or May, and the last photos for it were made in early July.  But that was 1997 and this is very much now.

deer track beside the creek
      Last week I wrote about my "old" camera, my new camera, and the iPhone camera.  I saved the point and shoot Panasonic Lumix TMC-DS3 for today.  I bought this camera last spring because it can be taken out into the RAIN or UNDERWATER.  I am grateful I now have some equipment I can use in wet weather.  However, I didn't play with the macro setting until last week, and it is clear from the next photo that I still need to figure it out better! 
      It didn't help that I was not able to get a firm stand on the steep hillside.  I took these point and shoot photos soon after returning from the northeast.   Here are two more from that day:

Notice the fallen maple buds on this moss covered stone in the creek.

      I am doing a big shoot this afternoon so I thought I would finish today's post now, with some recent photos in the woods that I took with my new Canon.  The wildflowers have been beautiful in their profusion -- jack in the pulpits, trout lilies, trillium, etc.   I have shown photos of them in earlier posts, so these are just some of the recent photos.  Enjoy!


the path returning to the house

And here are some images from closer to the house:

earliest apple blossom outside my window

lilac and team

wisteria (!) and friend (see within upper petal....)

an old, old fruit tree on the edge of our woods
     After my travels to see my sisters and my daughter and her family I have wanted to speak about how conscious I have been of the nurturing we each are part of.  I spent time with several treasured friends as well.  Then I returned here to the beauty of the renewing spring.  I became very aware how the earth was nurturing me.  The obvious connection is that nurturing goes many ways as we reach out to our families, our friends and the earth itself and receive nurturing in return.  That is what I thought of when I took the photo of our grapevine wreath, so I am ending today with the same photo I ended the last post with, this time celebrating our interconnections and the circle of light.

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