Sunday, April 22, 2012

some more letters for Appalachia, Bluebird, Creek

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     Monday -- Today I'm immensely better rested than yesterday after returning from my trip.  I am eager to try out four more letters from the work-in-progress which I began sharing a week ago:  APPALACHIA,    BLUEBIRD,    CREEK 

E   e   --           ear tags                 eggs 

ear tags, on black calves

gathered eggs, in a wire basket

F  f   --      farms           ferns            forest            friends            fledglings
farmhouse, along our ridge road

raising hogs on the farm


fiddlehead fern

Appalachian forests

family friends
high school friends

two downy woodpecker fledglings

G   g   --        garden            goldfinch         guitar           groundhogs


goldfinch, molting, in the early spring

all the way gold, by late spring

"groundhogs boiling coffee"

 H   h  --    hay           hay rake           horse            house            hummingbird

hay rows, hay rounds, hay fields

 horse-drawn hay rake, no longer in use


       Now I just need to take a better photo of a horse out our way!  There are many.

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