Sunday, April 8, 2012

What, it is really April already?

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    Last Sunday afternoon -- no kidding despite it having been April 1 -- I had a truly rich photo shoot opportunity.  Someday soon I am sure I will share more about it.  
    My hope for today was to finish up the current discussion about what having a constant camera does for one's photography.  Steve sent me a follow-up comment, in which he points out he notices more, he thinks more like a photographer, and he ends up taking more photos than before his iPhone.  The main thing is he feels he sees more in the world now that he knows he can have instant access to his camera/phone.  That is major.  Seeing more is definitely one of the core reasons I do photography.  The unexpected takes me over.  I still like to think, though, that all my practicing shows whenever I get on camera the truth of what I have seen with my eyes.  Thanks again, Steve, for your thoughts.
     Speaking about practice and the camera as companion ... I'd like to share several photos made over the years of the same place, starting with one I took a few days ago.  (I can't help myself.  If I am late leaving the house and have to get somewhere in a hurry, I have to make myself leave my camera at home so that I will NOT stop along the way.)

early spring, 2012

(one week after the second photo)

redbud screen - can you see where I was standing for this version?

in the fall, again two views

 late snow, March 2010, with blooms on the tree!

This was my first and still my favorite sighting.  I call this Appalachian Spring.

     In closing, I must confess that ever since I had to look for nests 14 years ago for the work on Counting on the Woods, I continue to look for nests.  Honest.  I got hooked, what can I say.  Just like I am hooked on doing this blog.  Luckily I really enjoy it. 

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