Sunday, July 15, 2012

more for Appalachia, Bluebird, Creek -- U, V, and W

post #94
      I am getting close to the last of our 26 letters! Today's post is the eighth for this project; the last post will happen next week.  I have taken some time this weekend for revisions, which includes adding a few photos to a few of the letters.  George Ella and I plan to meet soon to see where we are with this project and to talk about what comes after the end of the alphabet, so to speak.  To me, it feels like there's progress.  Next: make a book....

U  u   --      us (families)          umbrella (with the University of Kentucky logo) 

under the umbrella, from the University of Kentucky!

V   v   --      violets                       vines                   view


grape vines

a favorite view, scanned by sun

W   w   --     worm-eating warbler        woodpeckers             waterfall            welcome 
              walnut          woodpile              well           water                   weeping willow tree

a worm-eating warbler, on her nest

at the well

pileated woodpecker
red bellied woodpecker family


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