Sunday, July 8, 2012

Waiting for cooler

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     Hot, hot, hot, but we are hopeful there will be rain later today and some under 90 degree days soon.  It is beyond me how anyone can not be willing to consider that all these extreme weather events are probably part of a climate change that we ignore at our peril.  Sometimes things in life are not as we may want them to be, but that doesn't mean they are not happening.  There are definitely steps we can take to keep the planet from even greater injury.  However, this requires taking action sooner rather than later.  How about starting NOW. 
      I was thrilled to see a personal/professional response to non-action by two fine reporters in eastern Kentucky, one a writer, the other a photographer, in today's Daily Independent newspaper out of Ashland, KY.  Here is the link.   Thank you, Ronnie, thank you, John, and thank you, Appalachian resident Rick Handshoe, all three, for not giving up, yet.  But what more is it going to take to create a sane response to energy needs in our beloved but impaired world??

Some photos from this world, because that is how I love to share:

white blooms on black cohosh, which blooms about now, grow deep in the Kentucky woods.  They make the grove where it grows feel like a magic place.

from a farmers' market, actually in Massachusetts
yellow lady's slippers, deep in the woods, scanned from a slide, using a tripod, at dusk -- a wonder to have found them

This leaf, near the creek, also scanned from a slide, shows the moisture we usually have. After these many weeks of dry weather, the design of the shadows and raindrops looks particularly beautiful and intriguing to me.
bad hair day   (scanned slide)

      I would have liked to continue the alphabet book today -- with U-V-W -- but an idea slowed me down! I will be able to do it next week.  In the meantime, I am ending with a few words I wrote the day after the health care decision was handed down by the Supreme Court:
Why is the Supreme Court's affirmation today of most of the Affordable Health Care Act headlined as a Democratic victory, when my assumption is that it wouldn't have been constructed to be unconstitutional in the first place?  It is the profit-motive types who have been whining and whipping up anti-Obama fears by the rhetoric they use in challenging it. Unfortunately we will now have to listen to even more stealth PACs claiming Obama has to be taken down.  Because he backed a real effort for health care reform? that Americans badly need?  There are darker motives at work here. (See Profit comment above....) Anyway, I am glad for today's news!
 Stay well, everyone, despite the precarious state of our health care system....  Ann

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