Sunday, September 23, 2012

What?? No politics yet??

post #104: weaving recent photos with recent musings
        This blog is about Appalachia and Photography, but I am interested in other things as well -- including politics.  And memory.  And the right I have as a human being to be in charge of what happens to my body, which includes a perfectly fine if imperfect brain.   
        I didn't design this blog to share my opinions, but in this season of loud voices, I want at least to be clear this one time that I care deeply about the future of our country during this important election coming up.
        So here is last week's "looking earnest" photo:

       I believe in voting, yet along with that I want us all to celebrate our brain, by using it, by thinking for one's self, and by trusting ourselves to be able to figure out how advertising, for example, is not telling us truths.  In fact, an ad is designed instead to influence how we think.   (My father worked as an advertising man, so my siblings and I have thought about this subject for a very long time.)  I for one don't like it when someone tries to buy my brain.  I think we could gain more by listening and learning:

        I get the impression that many voters have very short memories.  Somehow outrageous statements and behaviors and beliefs become forgivable or forgotten, even though leadership skills are nowhere in evidence.  How terrifying if some of the folks coming up with these statements, behaviors and beliefs were the only ones in charge!  Scary!  The US Senators in my own state of Kentucky are already scary enough. 
        This next photo shows a very loud voice, and it is not winning me over!

a guinea hen, from the rooftop

        There are many things I care about in my leaders.  For one, he or she needs to get it that the arts are extremely important, both as a part of public education and in all of our lives.  Singing ourselves, seeing colors, making things with our hands, dancing, acting, writing, listening are all part of what makes us human.  They even help us learn more and learn it better.
         The next two photos are "just" weeds, but with my photography I saw them more closely.  It encourages my soul to be able to share them here:

ironweed, goldenrod

         And, as I have not been able to resist mentioning in earlier posts, I believe in keeping our sights on the health of the world.  NO MORE MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL MINING.  How shortsighted to grasp at a short term quick fix that creates ugly, needless deep wounds.  I don't understand why we can't rethink the choices we are making.  (I'm back to that brain thing.)  Why not take longer views, whether because of acknowledging climate change or challenging the role greed plays or whatever.  Focus instead on our human community and its connection to the earth. 
         I am grateful, for example, that President Obama is so far willing to ask more questions about such projects as the Keystone XL pipeline project.
        I know, too many words in this season of words.  So I end with one last photo, of a creature who is neither Democrat nor Republican, who's one of millions counting on each of us to celebrate our brains by using them.  Fearlessly.