Sunday, January 13, 2013

another grouping, this time it's tree trunks!

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       I was part of a discussion this week about trees.  This morning I realized I do have a quiet photographic fascination with them.  It may even go back to a special beloved tree from childhood, located fairly near the house in Connecticut where I grew up with two younger sisters.  Climbing to the top of that evergreen guaranteed a quiet place and a hidden place.  It also provided that satisfying feeling of fear combined with accomplishment.   
      We played under the tree's lower branches as well, endlessly.  That shelter could be any kind of place we imagined it to be. 
      Today I am sharing seven recent random photos of tree trunks.  I can't help myself.   Then there are two more images, both taken this rainy afternoon though I first coveted them last week. This whole post actually becomes a story about keeping on keeping looking.

northern flicker, posturing on a black walnut
red-bellied woodpecker, dining (not on the same day)

a curiosity

I guess I should have showed this beech trunk initially....

wired in the woods -- but once this was the edge of a field?

vine visitors

old, rotten, covered with fungus

      I have walked by the beech tree in the photo below at least a hundred times, but until last week I never noticed it has a belly button!!!  I love it.  When I get a better photo of this trunk, I will replace this version of its photo, but I am eager to share my discovery anyway for now.  It is what I mean by keeping on keeping looking.  You just never know what is nearby that needs another look!

       On a personal note, yesterday I saw the movie LINCOLN, and I liked it even more than I expected to.  Lots to think about.  I trust each of you has also had a recent interesting event that piques your curiosity. 
      Thanks for your visit to my blog!


  1. This was a very interesting blog, I really like the tree with the belly button, it really does look like a belly button. Is this tree located on your farm?

    1. Yes, on our farm, on the way to the waterfalls. Thanks for writing!!!

  2. I love the Belly button, I am going to have to start looking for them now.