Sunday, January 20, 2013

ice, birds and a belly button

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      Today has second swearing-ins for Obama and Biden and a second birthday for Will.  For me, there's a second try for belly button photos and an unexpected first -- a merlin sitting on a branch outside the bedroom window, keeping all birds away from the bird feeder which the bigger bird could keep his or her eye on.  
      So here are some new photos that bears sharing.  First the followup from last week's trunks, the promised redo of the belly button in the beech:

along the path, which we often take!  How could I have missed seeing the belly button until now??!!

belly button, detail

     Some bird visitors earlier this week:

eastern bluebirds passing through, enjoying our berries
This looks like a house finch to me -- colorful companion visitor with the bluebirds!

       The New Year's weekend ice storm wasn't terrible.  We didn't lose electricity and therefore we could enjoy its beauty.

stopping by the side of the ridge road
detail while stopped to make the above photo

very close to home -- photo made from our deck

    Yesterday's bird visitor:

I only noticed this bird because I caught the yellow legs in the corner of my eye, as I walked by the window, and then took a closer look.  The eyes here are pointed directly at the [no birds in sight] bird feeder.

This seems to be a falcon, more specifically a taiga merlin!  Does anyone have an alternative identification?  We have never seen one before.  I was honored by its patience as I went downstairs to get my camera, returned, tried different views, etc. The wind was blowing quite vigorously, so I didn't know if I could get a sharp enough photo.  So, to self, I say bravo!

            Next week I plan to share photos of our wood burning cook stove, in honor of the very cold week that may be coming up.   For now, I end with a photo from our woods I made just because I love the shape and design.

a beautiful burl, saying to me What goes around comes around.

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