Sunday, February 10, 2013

England, several paired photos

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      Today is unusual because I don't usually compare countries.  However, let me just record that if anyone here complains about the dusting of snow that might happen, I will laugh out loud.  The USA is clearly bigger and badder as far as snowfall goes, especially this weekend.  This afternoon here is gray and raining.
        As promised last week, I have managed to snatch the time for a few new photos .  The images are fairly random, so I decided I would share them in pairs, this week and next.  Think of these photos as stanzas in a poem.  (No one made any requests, so random is what you get!)

    These road shots are an easy pair to recognize -- a town view and a country view.  I am in the car, driving, the steering wheel on the right, my car on the left hand side of the road.  So far I am still alive!   And I have been driving every day.  Except for the motorways, the roads all feel pretty narrow even without construction or repairs to maneuver around.

   I did take some time to go the Badger Tea House down the street.  I hit a quiet time.  There were two women sitting in front of the fire, however, which is why you see only the side of the fireplace in the second photo -- which actually is a photo of the old and loyal dog, on the stairs.  I believe the family who run the place live upstairs.

Evidence of milk deliveries in the early morning, though this was the afternoon!  Again, here is a rural place,

and these bottles are in town, across the street from the house where I am.  All bottles were later retrieved.  It was surely colder outside than inside a fridge.

     For today, I am ending with two favorites.  Trees on this island nation are indeed endlessly fascinating.  I saw this one and its sheep companions while stopped by the side of the road because of a serious accident ahead of me.  I have seen this tree several more times, but that day the light was so much better than subsequent days.  I have a few more chances to catch it in even better light, so perhaps I can share another version of this photo next week after I get home. 

       I made a special stop along the road to take this photo.  The sun had been cutting through the clouds for awhile, and I just had to try for it.  Again, the landscape doesn't always look like this, so I am grateful to be able to share it today.  
      The images for next week do include some more traditional aspects, as they say.  Thanks as always for visiting with me, this time while I am also visiting!



  1. Keep it coming Ann! I'm enjoying the views from across the pond.


  2. Keep it coming Ann! I'm enjoying your photos from across the pond.