Sunday, February 3, 2013

not Appalachia!

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     Greetings from England.  Yes, England!  Otherwise known as Great Britain or the United Kingdom (UK).... Not the best time to be here, weatherwise, but I am in a lovely part of the country - about two hours northwest of London, in the Cotswolds.  This is where my stepmother lives.  She is British.  I have come for 10 days to help her after a bit of surgery.  I have never lived here but have visited many times over a long period of time.
     Because I just arrived yesterday, I had the idea that the photos I would show today would be from earlier visits here  -- to set the scene.  Then next Sunday's post will be what I can see of interest during this week.  I am hoping it snows here again, since snow is unusual.  But "they" say it might happen.  (London is way farther north than where I live in Kentucky -- where it is snowing at the time I'm writing -- but this nation is surrounded by water that includes some warm currents.  It makes for wonderful gardens all year long.  All that said, Scotland in the north gets what I'd call regular winter weather.)

along the main street

Notice the church towers (St. James) on the left.  Most buildings use Cotswold stone.

High Street  (i.e. Main Street) from my bedroom window, very early one morning.  Notice that there are no above ground electrical or phone lines.  Town planners made this decision before WW2!

High Street so early in the morning that there is no traffic to show cars driving on the "wrong" side of the street.  The market on the left is a big tourist draw.  It is the sheep market, hundreds of year old.

Public walking paths are everywhere, even in the town.

This ATM machine always makes me smile -- the wall it is in is ancient!

post box on High Street  (VR = Victoria Regina, i.e. long reigning Queen Victoria)

       If anyone has something they are curious about here, let me know and maybe I can take a photo of it this week and post it next Sunday.  Thanks!  Now, one last one for today:

During a summer visit these flowers really caught my eye.  Now they are on one of my most popular note cards.  I thought they were the best hanging flowers in the whole town, and I went back to these in the evening light to make this image.


  1. Someday I hope to see this in person, but in the meantime I love "traveling" with your vision!

    It is indeed snowing in Kentucky as I write, but it's just barely cold enough, so I don't know which way the weather is going. Sidewalks are covered again, however, and the scrufsh-scrutch of snow shovels is heard in the land.

  2. I really enjoyed these photos but I am looking forward to see some more new ones. I hope Potter is doing well at this time and you are having time to enjoy time away to take pictures....any snow yet? Hope you enjoy your trip...see you soon, Sandy