Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21st, one day, spring spectacular

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      I have 15 photos to share, in chronological order, starting at 7:30 a.m. today.  And I didn't even have the opportunity yet to get into the woods! ( I plan to take some there for the next post.)  After the week we have shared with Boston, with Texas, with the world, it is glorious to have spring plunging ahead, doing its thing, doing its best to stay on track despite the derailments thrown our way.  
      Well, the first photo is from a week ago, in Frankfort, from the steps of the Capitol.  I was there for a reception hosted by the Kentucky Arts Council for artists in their Derby exhibit in the rotunda, with the governor's wife, Jane Bashear.  It was interesting to talk with her and with the other artists I met from across the state.  However, I would have liked other artists from eastern Kentucky to be in the exhibit as well!

     Now, beginning this day, before the wind, before the sun, looking out my open window:

redbud branches

looking west from the house, mostly poplars in their spring green glory

early dogwood

violets, wild in the "lawn"

apple blossoms, not hurt by last night's light, low frost

These two apple trees have never produced well, so we kind of leave them be whatever they decide to be.  This year they are full of blossoms and lovely, busy attracting bees.

low lying lilac branch, in the late afternoon sun, but still too early in the day for a really good photo

fascinating redbud, with the blossoms growing directly out of the branch

later-in-the-evening lilac - less sunlight toward dusk makes for a richer photo, plus the wind dies down which allows for increased sharpness

This is our "antique" apple tree, with more blossoms than usual this year, down by the barn. It is still looking good even after 45 years!  Would we could all do as well.

a later blooming lilac bush giving a hint of what's to come
     Gotta stop for now, thanks for sharing in this celebration of an April day.   Ann

Monday night -- a friend sent a wonderful redbud poem, and it is in the comments that follow.

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  1. It is lovely to see these blossoms that will be coming to Massachusetts soon! Like redbud, which is such a fascinating tree. Do you know this Denise Levertov poem?

    Each day
    the cardinals call and call in the rain,
    each cadence scarlet
    among leafless buckeye,

    and passionately
    the redbuds, that can't wait
    like other blossoms, to flower
    from fingertip twigs,
    break forth

    as Eve from Adam's
    cage of ribs,
    straight from amazed treetrunks.

    Denise Levertov, "April in Ohio," in
    The Life Around Us (NY: New Directions, 1997)