Sunday, April 28, 2013

recent photos of spring, from this week

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    Spring still manages to be special with something new every day.  Here are two days from this past week, starting with Friday, April 16, 2013:

These ants are preparing the peonies for those big splashy blooms soon to happen.

Lilacs continue to open up -- and their scent takes over the yard.

The delightfully unexpected: an asparagus stalk within the yarrow -- quite a ways from the asparagus patch!

 catalpa tree buds, for George Ella

A friend gave us two of these bald cypresses, which are deciduous conifers -- just meaning of course fir trees that lose their leaves....  Here are this year's, brand new, and, to me, fascinating.

I also love the light greens of early fern leaves.

another from above photo with my new lens, this time of wood-betony

Both these blossom photos are on the antique apple tree I shared a photo of last week.  Pretty fantastic job, sweet tree!

       Now two photos from TODAY, April 28, 2013, during a road trip to the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County in eastern Kentucky.  The school is celebrating its centennial this year!  Mist along the mountainside is pretty common there, but there was indeed quite a bit of rain during the weekend.  The building is the chapel, which has an organ in it, where we were treated to an amazing concert by Patricia Griffith, from Frankfort.   Yes, I will add a photo of her during the concert.  The redbuds are still blooming there, even though it is three hours south of where I live.

Thank you, Patricia!  And hats off to all that the school has stood for during its 100 years.

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  1. Loved this closeup of spring at the Olson place and the larger views of Pine Mountain's glory.

    And thanks for the catalpa bud!