Sunday, April 14, 2013

finally, signs of spring from flowers to goldfinches

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      What follows are some photos from this favorite time of year.  We are having a late spring in eastern Kentucky, but supposedly some warmer days are coming soon.  I expect a pent-up burst of leaves on the trees and blooms on the flowers during the next two weeks. 

We're not quite to this amount of green yet this year, but VERY CLOSE.

Quaker ladies


same house as above, seen through redbuds

Jason doesn't provide his neighbors with this design every year, but I am fascinated when he does by the art potential of manure spread on a hillside!

a goldfinch going through the change, from winter gray back to summer gold


daffodils, eager and ready show off

early lilacs in our yard


a worm-eating warbler on her nest, on the forest floor -- a rare sight that I captured without knowing how rare it is, at 8:30 p.m.

pink lady's slipper

exactly two years ago, with the sun coming from under early morning clouds!

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