Sunday, May 19, 2013

mid May, horsing around, and more

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         Last night we were part of the 25th reunion held by a high school class my husband once taught. I was fascinated by their stories, including the ones I heard about their history teacher, and impressed by so many bright kids from a small, rural eastern Kentucky school system still holding their own in the world and doing well.  
        Of note: They all use facebook and would include last names, but I still hesitate to do so without permission.  However, I learned that the high school senior I took the photo of (see last week's post), the one who had taken a photo of me, turns out to be one of three validictorians, and I want to say at the least Congratulations, Andraya!! 

      Last week I received some articles that I found interesting.  One is about Mother's Day,  by writer Anne Lamont, who says it like she sees it. Thanks, Leatha, for the alert.  Another is about CLEAN WATER, just in case any regular reader of this blog doesn't realize yet how important an issue that is to me.  I really thank the folks, like Ted and Doug from our part of the state, who are working so hard to hold our state government to what it is legally required to provide.
       The most energizing link is to a letter a reader sent to a writer.   George Ella discovered it.  I warn you, it is very heartening.  If you have time for only a single link, read this one.

I have been posting a lot of photos lately, so I decided to slow down a bit for today and only include a few I couldn't resist.  If you need more photos, go back through my last few posts and enjoy!

Miss Kim dwarf lilac, near our chicken house

  Yesterday I visited Jean, of Jean's jeans, where I unexpectedly had a chance to learn about horse photos:

Next time I will hope I have the right lens on hand, and a faster speed for my "film."  It would also help to have some advance warning that running was about to commence!

As always, her laundry line intriques me. I love the light this photo has.  And notice -- no wind, no running, and very clear detail.

      I feel strongly it's important to acknowledge the value of "mistakes" and "first tries" and "new territory."  Where would I be without them all!  This is of course also true for all the growing up we do and are a part of.

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