Sunday, May 26, 2013

storms, sharing art, and seeing a rainbow

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     The NEWS I meant to include last week: the annual Folk Art Fair is this coming Saturday, at the Morehead Conference Center across the street from the Folk Art Center in Morehead, KY.  Called A Day in the Country, the fair features fifty or so folk artists from ten states.  In addition, this year a half dozen regional artists, from as many specialities, have been invited to set up in the hallway outside the central room.  So I will be selling my photo note cards and some matted or framed prints and a few books there from 9 - 4 on Saturday, June 1, 2013!  Mixed Media Artist Jennifer Reis will be sharing the booth with me 9 - 12:30, selling her jewelry and embellished fabric art.  As the art gallery director for Morehead State University, she has an exhibit opening there to attend to in the afternoon.       
        Come join us all during this remarkable annual gathering!

Folk Art Fair poster

       My photography is very definitely of my place.  Where I live seems endlessly fascinating to me.  I'm drawn in to what is happening around me, whether it's weather or something new to see -- or seeing the usual in a new way.  I blame it all on my overdeveloped curiosity gene.  The following photos were taken, as often happens, on my way home from town, a serious storm following me all the way.  (We live east of town, and the weather more often than not comes from the west.)  I figured I had time to stop at this hilltop I know about to catch the look of the sky.  Sure enough, when I finally arrived home, the drops were just beginning to fall. 
       The place where we settle can hold a strong power over us and keep us connected, like an anchor.

This contrail from an invisible airplane has made a shadow of itself!

      The rain was followed by a double rainbow, so this photo was taken from home.  I would be grateful for the beauty of such benevolent weather even without its contrast to some of the devastating happenings we might not experience directly.  My storm might not be your storm, but I hope rainbows come to all of us when they can. 
       My thanks to the many more viewers than usual who found my blog post last week --  I will do some more horses when I have the opportunity! 

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