Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweet! Spring sweep, before summer sets in!

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NOTE on Tuesday evening - I did post this on Sunday, but I seem to have then erased it!  MY BAD and MY being a DITZ!  along with my apologies.  I have now managed to reconstruct the post (8 pm Tuesday), so here's my second try: 

        A friend in Bolivia emailed today that they are "bracing for winter".  Oh my.  He did add that their winter means "temps that average about 68 degrees and bright sunny days and bright blue skies."  I had already decided not to delay posting the spring photos from this year that have so far not made it on to my last four posts.  Now, in addition, I would like to dedicate today's post to all those in the earth's southern hemisphere who haven't seen spring in many months....

ferns unfurling by the creek (see last week's post)

wisteria, with its ant helpers

the principal's office at the high school on Senior Prank day

This senior was taking my photo for a county project, but she had to tolerate my taking her photo as well.  Thanks!

lovely evening light on the way home from town last week

Thanks to this Angus bull for the fine pose

and to this calf for being curious!

     When I did get home that day, I took these two images of this dogwood tree, within a few minutes of each other.  All I changed was where I was standing. I rarely use Photoshop, and I didn't do that here. Beautiful, beautiful symbols of spring.

      This last photo was one of my first spring photos, taken in March.  Today I am thinking it is one of my favorite photos so far this year.  I didn't know what kind of tree or shrub it was or what the hanging things were --- but luckily there are ways to search out such information.  These are hanging catkins on an American Hazelnut.  Such discoveries in the woods that come from looking with my camera are a continual amazement for me.

    I apologize again for having erased (by mistake) the first version of this blog, but luckily I had kept a list of the photos I had used.  Thank you, George Ella, for wondering where Sunday's post had gone to.  Here's to life's second chances.

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