Sunday, June 30, 2013

How does your garden grow?

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     Busy week, good family times, and meanwhile every day and night gardens are growing food!  I returned to visit my neighbor, Sandy, Friday, after the sun was done, to take some photos in her garden.  It is always inspiring  to see a garden well cared for, before the weeds take over or the produce gets eaten up, perhaps by raccoons or deer --  and then there are, of course, the hungry-for-vegetables garden growers themselves.  These photos are meant to show the current status of things, in late June, in eastern Kentucky.

     First, an overview of the central part of the garden, with green beans, onions, corn, and sunflowers:

       Sandy's big corn is two weeks away from being able to be picked:

      Pollination continues:

     Her corn rows for a second crop are just starting to grow tall: 

Then there is other stuff, like zucchinis,
and green beans, ready to pick:

     Sandy also grows flowers.  Living on a hill only inspires her.  It certainly doesn't slow her down (so to speak....)

      Earlier in the day, we had visited Sandy, but the midday light washes out the deeper colors of almost anything, including gardens.  But we had so many fun things to see there, like rabbits, ducks, chickens, kittens, ponies, and rabbits.  The first photo shows my daughter and granddaughter checking out the corn:

and some baby rabbits,

      and then a two day old rabbit, one of many kept in a cage in the barn:

       That night, after returning home from Sandy's, where the sky had been amazing,  -- setting red sun lighting up the underside of dark clouds -- I was able to see the same evolving sky from down in the hollow where I live.  Stunning.  And so this seems like a good place to end today's post.  Thanks for sharing all this with me -- Ann

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  1. I really like the pictures of our garden, you always make everything look so pretty, I love seeing the photos that you take...Love that evening sky picture.