Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sideway Gallery, mostly

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     This week I want to share some more photos of the Gallery I have where I work as well as where I display my note cards and framed photos.  I have a big printer there that I am learning how to use; there is no room for the printer at my house!

      First, here's another photo from the Art Fair I was part of last weekend, called A Day in the Country.  In addition to a live customer, it shows more of how our booth was set up, me on the left, Jennifer Reis on the right.

       Now here are a few more outside photos from Sideway Gallery (on Sideway Road....)  showing the wisteria reaching its peak.  The building came with wisteria.  And I let it do what it will -- and then I take photos of it!!

     Next, two interior shots that show the living room/kitchen area downstairs, which is a very open space.  Since I can't remember anything that I can't see, the cabinets are also open.  They take their colors from the big rooster photo!  However, what little cooking I do over here is with a hot plate or a toaster oven.  So far, this works out just fine.

          Both these photos were taken with my iPhone, while I was sitting on the couch.  I use my laptop down here quite often.  In fact, this is where I am sitting at the very moment I write these words....
          The gallery is several miles from my house.  If anyone wants to come by to look or to buy, please do call ahead to arrange a time.  The gallery number is 606 -738-6119.  I have said from the beginning that I am open by chance or by appointment.  Thanks for coming by today via this blog post!

other visitors to Sideway Gallery....

         Next week I will show the book that got me started in all this photography stuff fifteen years ago and talk more about how pieces of my work life fit together.  (The book title is Counting on the Woods, written by George Ella Lyon.  As she and I often say, the woods are counting on us all.)

      And last, as is obvious from what is in this blog, a lot of what I do is outside, in eastern Kentucky.  I keep an eye out for all the changes that go on around me.  This last photo shows recent activity at one of our bluebird houses.  I like the organic green roof concept.  I am fortunate to live and work where I do.

NOTE: LATE BREAKING NEWS at 9 pm Sunday -- I just heard that all the baby robins in the nest from several posts ago managed to make it out of the flower pot and into the big world!  Amazing! 

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