Sunday, December 1, 2013

a not-as-sunny Sunday, after Thanksgiving

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      Some of the snow from the storm this week lingers, but the clouds we are having are just clouds!  I want to share some more photos like last week and to remind everyone in the region that next Saturday is the MSU Arts and Crafts Fair.  Jennifer Reis and I are looking forward once again to our "doublewide" booth!  We are one of 100 booths in the Laughlin Building, but we are very near the entrance.  Come by and say hi!

This is what the left side of our booth looked like last year - this year it will have a different layout altogether.

I will have more winter cards than usual -- in addition to more sale cards than usual.  Here are two winter favorites I always enjoy sharing with "my public:"

"well red"

"winter sky in England"

      Next, two more winter photos from England, both from the same spot one soggy, chilly day.  I came upon this place completely by accident, and I was enchanted:

"oak on ice"

     I am next sharing two favorite photos, simply because they make me happy.  I am always grateful for happiness, and for the memories a photo will bring to me of where I was when making the photo.  The first shows our creek, and I thought this would be the photo chosen for the cover of the Wendell Berry book:

4-H day in Elliott County

     Next week I want to talk about the printing process, and how important it is for photographers, both professionals and non-professionals. I will also be able to share how the Crafts Fair went -- every artist appreciates a chance to meet the public we work for!  So again thanks.


  1. Ann, I love love "well red" and that's no surprise to you. Beautiful winter shots. Thanks, Red

  2. Great photos, Ann. I love the diversity. They are all great and I'm especially drawn to "well red'.

  3. The cardinal and the snowy oak are both striking.

    Thanks for sharing.