Sunday, February 2, 2014

the beauty and wonder of snow and ice - a reminder

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      More cold here, more ice, some snow -- and I was back to the waterfalls to see what had frozen up, or down.  Luckily, this time a friend, Lucy, could go with me -- she is also a photographer.  We enjoyed seeing what we could how we could plus watching out for each other on the way there and back. 

      First here are three of the photos Lucy made the day after my last photos -- after additional melting had gone on overnight.  Like me, she had wanted to return after a refreezing-of-it-all cold spell, and so we did.
I love this photo of hers - she caught a beautiful moment in the life of these icicles.

the pile at the bottom of the big falls -- almost completely melted

a view we don't often see, from the side
     Next some of my photos, from two mornings ago -- a cloudy, chilly day, with lots of ice.  The first three images were made at what we call the second waterfall, looking over it and then looking across the ledge of it.

closeup - without crossing the ice....
          Along the creek:

   At the big waterfall, the ice pile at the bottom had gotten large again:

and the top "funnel" long and lovely again:

Lucy at work -- thanks so much for the company!
      Note: Lucy and I could barely hear the ice flowing over the ledge of the second waterfall.  So I'm making yet another try at sharing a brief video. I have no idea if the quiet sound of the water will come across on this blog.  If it's too quiet, please let your imagination do the flowing, gently and steadily:

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