Sunday, February 23, 2014

February round-up -- monarch butterflies, local art show and roof ice sculptures

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      I have had too many bits to keep up with myself this month, so today's post has three that have been waiting in the wings.  The first is a New York Times article about the monarch butterfly way stations.  Click HERE.  Actually, this bit is all about wings....  I am definitely going to be doing more milkweed preserving in the years to come.

       The next bit is from a local art show at the Rowan County Art Center (formerly the county courthouse.)  The Cave Run Arts Association had the exhibit space this month (February), and all members could enter three pieces, 15 artists in all.  These next photos were made during the opening reception.  It is very possible that the exhibit will be coming down soon, so I apologize for not getting this information out sooner!  

The largest painting in this photo is by my husband, Frank.

this day, one of the three photos by me

      The Arts Center has several studios, and they were all open during the reception.  These walls show the amazing watercolor work by Linda Brewer.  Linda teaches a weekly class in here, thus the work tables and chairs.  She shares the office with photographer and mixed media artist Priscilla Gotsick.  
                                                             *   *   *   *   *   *   *
      Even though today there is no snow on our ground, it has been quite the month for the white stuff.  I made several photos of this shed -- it shows what can happen with the right combination of snow, of melt and of overhang....

going, going  --  but not yet gone!

       I am finishing today with one photo from 5 days spent with grandchildren this past week.  Oh, the satisfaction of placing those last two pieces of a puzzle!  Well done, kiddo!


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