Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter still, but not forever!!??

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         I am definitely distracted by the weather, thinking of people everywhere who might be cold without electricity, wondering what the next storm will bring, and still hoping that it won't be just the bad bugs left to greet us come spring and summer.  On the ridge, my neighbors have their electricity back, and the repaired water generators are providing water.  The trees and bushes are slowly standing straighter as the ice load lightens.  Today I am including a few winter views I made photos from in the past week, but I want to start with a moment of regular life from last weekend -- an event at our local independent bookstore!
       George Ella Lyon came from Lexington to do a reading from her newest book of poems, Many-Storied House (University Press of Kentucky, 2013.)  She had a good crowd, at CoffeeTree Books in Morehead.  It was so nice to see her.  And hear her.  I think these  poems are some of her best, which is saying a lot.

       So, on to the driveway, the view from the kitchen window, and such:

the sycamore tree in our yard

two cardinals -- look closely

this morning
A flock of robins came through early in the week!

      On the political front, this is the week for the annual I LOVE MOUNTAINS day, at the state capitol.  It will be cold but not stormy, so I hope at least 1000 of us can flock to Frankfort on Wednesday.  Here is the link to learn more about it.   I am sure I will take photos while I am there.  It is sad to think we have to go year after year to stick up for our beautiful mountains and for the health of the people in live among them.  What are we going to do about having fewer and fewer forests left to provide for us?  What about the essential nature of clean water?  It is too easy to blame Obama or the EPA for dimishing coal jobs, but the reality is much more complex.  It's a lot about jobs, of course, but coal is no longer in a position to be the hero.  May I repeat the truth that the coal counties of eastern Kentucky have been the poorest counties in the state, with the greatest number of health problems, yet coal was supposed to have been providing prosperity.  To whom.

      I'm finishing up this post today with two cousins on one of multiple recent snow days!  (Technically, they are first cousins once removed.)  I hope the schools are able to open this coming week, somehow, at least for a few days.  Good luck to everyone!

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