Sunday, July 13, 2014

back to France and a weekly market, in May

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        During my recent trip to France, I spent my first two days with close friends in Rennes.  The first morning I was there, they were willing to take me to a small neighborhood open market, one of the features to love about France.  My friends had already laid in a generous number of culinary treasures, so they were not needing to buy anythingThe huge well-known weekly market in the center city is only on Saturdays, and I was there on a Tuesday.
       I am just going to download a bunch of images, some with titles if there is something to explain.  Otherwise, just get out your francs and think about what you would like to be able to buy if you were there.  Merci beaucoup!

Here are my friends, standing by patiently while I explore and snap my photos....


There was a bit of drizzle that morning, and some discomfort perhaps from a stranger with a camera.  I asked permission when I could, and always got it.

My friends know this merchant, so I took these three photos for her.  But she is fast, works hard, and never had an extra moment to "pose"!

The carrots with sand, and the potatoes, too, are to show they were grown in actual sand. They tell the world that therefore they are of a higher quality.

These merchants are very proud of the quality of their offerings. They were glad I was taking the photo.

A second fish monger shows off his crabs and shrimp,

and uses a side counter to prepare more fish for sale.
CHEESE, knives but, sadly, I didn't get a good photo of the nice guy behind the counter.

What is a French anything without very fresh BREAD, much of it sold by the time we got there.
        I am actually finishing up today's post by using the wifi at a McDonald's in California, with the final game of the WORLD CUP SOCCER TOURNAMENT, almost over, on the TV, and everyone nearby speaking Spanish.  Maybe this isn't the best combination of place and topic, but I am glad I finally have this chance to share these photos.  I don't often make photos specifically for my blog like I did that morning in France. 
       So, for now, adios -- and I hope one of the teams soon wins this big deal match!  Oh, and bon appetit....

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