Sunday, July 20, 2014

before more France, moments from the past week

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       Well, I have recently been out in the world.  And our grandson has been here for several days, all on his own, even though he is only three and a half.  Today's blog post is just sharing some of my images from here and there.  Next week, I promise, more France.
      Oh, a reminder.  If a reader of these blogs clicks on a photo, they all show up at the end of the post, in a row, and can be clicked on to be seen in a larger size. Cool!

The front door of where I stayed with my friend in Marin County, California.  On one side of her house is a huge redwood!  All this on a small lot - or at least it looks small to me since I live in acres and acres. The front "yard" consists of three raised beds, a lemon tree and a plum tree, just now getting ripe.  Delicious!!

the same bougainvillea, from inside the house looking out
In her back yard, there are more raised beds for vegetables - we dined on such treasures as fresh kale, lettuce and raspberries.  It is usually too chilly to eat out there in the evening, but I hit a good night!

      We also visited her friend whose entire lot is filled with flowering this and that and fresh all kinds of things.  She sent us home with a basket of fresh juicy FIGS, and showed us how their bees love this relative of an artichoke plant -- whose name I can't pronounce or even remember.

      The reason we were in California was for a wedding!  I wasn't any kind of official photographer, so I just made photos that interested me. Love it. The morning activity for the everyone was a half hour run in an amazing nearby park: Montana de Oro State Park.  The bride and groom are in white in the middle of the first photo, and seen from behind in the other group photo.  Beautiful place and such a beautiful, happy day.


Can you see the TWO GULLS?  From their behavior, we all figured the sitting gull is on a nest!! 

         Since returning home in eastern Kentucky, we have been having a good time with a curious kid who is now old enough to visit us for a few days solo.  Luckily the lawn needed mowing and the deck needed a new branch to be attached for the birds who come to the feeder, etc.  To all appearances, the visit is going well -- and it sure helps that there are two grownups and only one three year old....

      But even so I have to finish now, and any parent or grandparent will know why... Enjoy your younger kids while you can, before they grow all the way up!!

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