Sunday, July 27, 2014

finally France again, a visit to Saint-Malo on the coast of Bretagne [Brittany]

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      Here is the promised second post from my week in France in May, with French friends and with the family I lived with for a year in high school. The photos I show today are from Saint-Malo in northwest France along the English Channel. We also visited nearby Dinan. My friends live in Rennes, about an hour's drive from the coast, all in Bretagne. That day was the only really touristy outing I did all week, and it was fascinating and fun.  St. Malo has been a port city forever, with its big, thick wall that we walked along, all around the old section of the city.  (Much of the city and the wall had to be rebuilt after a big fire in 1944, during WWII.)
       Some photos:
before going into the city and onto the wall

walking the wall, with my friends

on the wall, seeing a curve in the wall ahead.....The white shapes and sticks are from sail boats resting on the beach.

looking over the wall at the beach -- and gull --  below
several views looking over the other side of the wall into the middle of the town

views from wandering around the inner city, within the wall

oldest building in town....

I call this photo The Beautiful Blue Window.

shop window, traditional regional designs

Then there's modern French life among the old buildings

and inside a restaurant, we agreed to split a fantastic crepe desert, a specialty of Bretagne.  This photo shows my share -- we were brought two identical plates!
leaving the wall around the old city section of Saint-Malo
 Thank you, Mariko and Christian, for taking me to Saint-Malo, since I know you have been there many times before. It was a great day. Thank you, too, as always, for your generosity and your friendship. And all the delicious Japanese and French food!!

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