Sunday, December 21, 2014

The weekend before Christmas, and....

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       Short and sweet today.  These gray, cloudy days are getting to me. Thank goodness today's solstice means a bit more light each coming day -- a happy development, so to speak, for us photographers.
       Even though I make and sell photo note cards, I never manage to offer what look like traditional Christmas cards.  Some of my winter scenes work for people, especially the ones with birds.  However, there's a lot of cheaper competition out there, so I always doubt that I can afford to make any kind of card that has appeal for just a brief annual occasion. Even so, I do try.
       Today's solution:  put some of the images I have tried ON THIS BLOG!  

    First, two tries using the large Christmas tree in the newly refurbished Union Station in downtown Denver.  I was there Thanksgiving weekend.  For me, Christmas is a simpler occasion than this, so I lack that emotional attachment I usually rely on to get what I consider a good photo. These were fun to try, but never meant much to me.

      The reflections in bulbs always intrique me. The next two photos are from last year, during a December visit to Denver.  I kept experimenting with reflections, days in a row:

             We then spent Christmas in Massachusetts, where this view of the stairs in our daughter's house intrigued me, too.  It shows how I see things, actually.  These simple lines spoke to me.

   At home, I experimented with the Christmas cactus, which unexpectedly did a great show of double blooms. I like this photo, but by this Christmas I forgot to get it out there to try it as a card!  O well, there is always next year.  The blooms amaze me.  This year, I have another opportunity to try again, with my new camera.  (with thanks to Debbie, who works on her photography with me, for her questions about Chrismastime views.)

        Were I less wary from privacy issues, I would post the family Christmas photo I was honored to be asked to make in Denver this year, plus a photo of the Massachusetts family.  To all the readers of this post who think they may receive Christmas greetings from Kentucky this year, be ye not distressed and take it not personally that it's not going to happen.  Didn't do it this year, again. But may I send HERE AND NOW all best wishes of the season to those whom I know -- and to readers whom I do not know.... with thanks as well for your interest in this blog over the years!!

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  1. Christmas cactus is one of my favorites too. And I enjoyed the reflections in ornaments.