Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ending Christmas week with a drum roll!

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        One of the highlights of this family visit to Massachusetts was our grandson's demonstration about how he sets up his drums -- in his bedroom -- so he can practice and play.  (He had taken them down for us to be able to sleep in there this week.)  Of course I wanted to take a few photos, even though 1) the room is small! 2) I didn't set up lights -- not that I am well schooled in how to do that anyway! 3) No time or place for staging!  and 4) I put on my best lens though not one I had used yet with my new camera.  In addition there were drumming questions to be asking and a young sister to entertain.  
       So, despite all this going on, I went ahead and tried for some photos.  What gall!  What fun! 
       Setting the scene: I am sitting on the bed, and it all begins with the single bass drum.

    Other drums and then cymbals are fitted in around the bass drum.  Dents in the rug from earlier set-ups help with the placements.

Notice the sign leaning next to the printer on the desk, on the right of this photo.

The sign: part of our Christmas gift to him last year.  I still think its words are hilarious.

I love the hand in the center of this photo.

Nearing the end, setting up the command central seat.  All the pieces fit together like a puzzle, all accessible  from that one spot.

number one fan serving to warm up the set up

plugging in the beat

    And so, from behind this door,

and, on the other side of this wall,
 THERE IS MUSIC!!  It fills the house! Thank you, Nik!!

Next week: butterflies and more butterflies, at the Magic Wings in South Deerfield, MA.

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  1. I see Grandma made it back alive. Very good.