Sunday, January 11, 2015

pixels and posterity, saying it again

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     Last weekend, our community celebrated the long life of Mary Foley Carew, who at 97 had a small stroke and died two weeks later.  I am sharing this because, as a photographer,
a lily on my daughter's table, taken with my iPhone4s!
one of the things I think about is the photograph the family will want to use for the service or perhaps for the obituary in the newspaper.  Her family are close friends of ours, so the photo they chose was one I had taken almost 6 years ago during a visit to our home.  I then discovered that for some as yet unknown reason the photo did not have quite enough pixels to be blown up to a large size!  But otherwise her photo was just right for the occasion.  I am honored that they were able to make good use of it.  Mary, we miss you and love you always.

         What I have said before, and I am sure I will feel called to say again, is that everyone should keep a fairly recent photo around that has adequate pixels, and, even better, have a print made.  I am not sure yet if the Carews needed to scan the print they had in order to get a high resolution version or if they made do with the pixels I emailed them. 
       After Mary's lovely service, I was talking to a friend there who also loves photography. I shared with her my concern that having a photo on one's cell phone is NOT the same as having a reliable print or a guarantee that there is a photo if needed for public occasions. 
        I asked my friend "Do you have a photo if you were to need one next week?"  She said no.  "Well", I replied, "I happen to have my camera right here and you look great.  Do you want me to shoot a photo for you?"  Most people had left the church by then so she decided to go for it.  Here are two of the photos I took and will send to her to print or keep on hand.  (She hasn't seen these yet...) So I say again,

      It is getting to be late afternoon, and I haven't yet made it down to our waterfalls to take a photo of their being frozen from top to bottom!  So I am going to finish this post for today, after this one last photo.  My neighbor's eggs.  An egg basket from Lou Martin years ago.  And a timely comment, that these eggs are different colors on the outside, but they are all good eggs on the inside.  My heart is with the people of France as they stand together today after so much tragedy.

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