Sunday, January 4, 2015

warmed by so many beautiful butterflies

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      A wonderful Christmas present - a family outing to MAGIC WINGS, in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.  I have heard about such places but this was my first time to go to one.  We went from winter's chill into a warm and steamy building populated by 50 kinds of butterflies! and flowers! and other creatures! 
      I had brought my camera.  However, I didn't realize that my lens would do the fog-over thing after the change from outside to inside.  This slowed me down some, though I know I could have prepared better for that possibility.  But, in any case, I don't just take photos in such a place.  Or even a lot of photos at one time.  I enjoy just being there and experiencing a new adventure -- sitting and watching and listening to the quiet butterfly music and exclaiming at some unexpected discovery.  Thank you, thank you, sweet family.

Notice: winter trees, blue sky, no real hint of the beauty that awaits within
  The transition room has some bugs in cages, a hint of wonders to come:
These "leaf bugs" look like, well, leaves!!  The yellow one and, parallel to it, the green one!  These hungry "buggers" are obviously NOT Massachusetts natives.....
     There is a butterfly in here, but I took the photo because I love waterfalls and lush plant growth.  Another visitor commented that in the spring the flowers at Magic Wings are even lovelier.

    We found the chrysallis cabinet. We were there in the early morning, so, after hatching, several butterflies were hanging around letting their wings dry.  I had visions of those nurseries in science fiction, or in The Giver.

the view looking up, to be reassured that no snow was falling

This "largest" moth had the largest signage!  I wonder if the sign follows the moth from sleeping place to sleeping place.  And do larger moths take longer naps?

NOT a butterfly

recent buffet offering

a buffet discovered, seen through my steamy lens

gathering eggs while there are not many human visitors nearby

speaking of visitors -- when was the last time you had a butterfly land on your head or elbow???  

I was particularly taken by this butterfly with see-through wings.  They can't live in cold climates, I was told, because they can't hold enough heat in their wings.  The next two photos show the same species.  

This is a photo of a photo in the lobby.  I guess I am not the only one to be fascinated by these beauties!

a very special hatched and growing creature, trying her wings

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